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As promised, here are some pictures of Lyalya’s first walk outside! Look at the bushy little squirrel tail :D the sandpit was her favorite spot! She was extremely excited and threw sand all over the place

this is a fucking squirrel. this is a fucking squirrel with a cat’s head. who is responsible for this

Myra is not impressed. 


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Kara looked up with interest as Jou mentioned the location. “Those mountain ranges are pretty. Shame I have to do extra work to get a portal to there. It was beautiful last time I went, but.. it was rather dry for a place with a lot of water falls.” She had visited a dozen years ago and exhausted herself hiking around. There the deer were much shyer and harder to hunt for a meal, so when her food had run out, she had come back to her house, and slept for a day after all the flying and hiking she had done. “The air was nice, but the pine needles were rather uncomfortable to walk around on. It was a wonderful trip though.”

Though she gave a low chuckle when she caught the kitsune’s interest. “I had a collection of display fans that I had up. I shall have to invite you over to see the new nesting doll though. It is very pretty, with gold paint and rich reds and dots of vibrant blue on the decorations.” She was rather proud of this nesting doll. 

“You should,” She nodded, “I can’t wait.” Another bite of the Pocky stick was followed by another sip of coffee, and Jounetsu sighed in bliss.

This was nice.

Kara stared at the painting for a while longer. “In fact, next time you want. we could hop through my portal and we can visit the place in your painting. Probably more tourists, but… You can still visit it”

Kara reached out to ask for a pocky. They werent her favorite chocolate treat, no, but they were enjoyable to munch on. Her apple was half finished, but the smell of chocolate had reached her nose, and the draw was irresistible to the chocolate loving dragon. “Pocky?” her tone was hopeful as she watched her friend. 





I tried to be as fast as I could without sacrificing a well-done job on her wing. As a winged demon myself, I knew very well how important those appendages were to any of us so I needed to fix it the best possible to ensure a full recovery eventually. “You did great, dear.” I pressed a light kiss to her cheek once the task was done and the last bone was set back in place.

"There is. A bigger hideouts is just a couple miles away from here. We should be fine there and you’ll be able to rest and heal more properly there without worrying over those bastards. We’d just need to hurry up before they spot us. Do you think you’ll be able to walk such distance right now?" To the skilled eye of a thief, it was impossible not to notice Kara was shaking now. The only logical reason was the horrible experience she just had gone through. I put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer with a gentle move so not to hurt her more, letting her rest her head against my chest as I waited for an answer.


She tried to not flinch so bad as he set the wing bones and did his best to make sure they would still function. But by the end of his help, his poor makeshift mattress was sporting several punctures and gashes in it thanks to her digging her claws in with each movement. Then the pain was over as the bat finished his work. The dragoness let out the breath she had not even realized she had been holding, giving a low whine as he moved forward to kiss her. IT wasnt a protest of his kiss. Merely a small complaint that she was still hurt. The touch of his lips on her cheek had her relaxing a bit, before the thought of the lord finding her caused her to go into a panic.

She shook in fear of the thought of the guards finding them in this makeshif cave, and the thought of having to heal here, so close to the castle. Then Kuronue answered her weak question and her shaking lightrned a bit as the injured dragoness thought about the blessedly short distance to a better shelter. Only a mile? She could do that. She hoped. So it was with weary relief that she sank into her friend’s hug, relaxing against him as he held her aginst his chest. The outside world didnt matter to her for the few moments she took to bury her face agianst his chest, still too much in shock of what had happened to let her tears flow. A deep breath was taken as she took hin his reasuring scent. This was real. He was here for her. HE would not let her fall into the sadistic lord’s hands again. So it was with a little more strength that she finally sat back and nodded “I can do that. Lets get going…. before anything else happens.”
The the mattress was abused further as she struggled to her feet, her claws making more scrapes on it before she managed to stand. Wordlessly, she gestured for the bat to proceed her and watied for him to check for danger and lead her to safety.

A brief glance down at the mattress was enough to realize I would need to get it patched up later. I didn’t mind about that for all that mattered now was to take her so a safer place so I didn’t put any more thoughts into it.

Still with my arm around her shoulders, I aided her when she tried to get up, making sure her wounds and injuries remained as untouched as possible. It’d be a real shame to have to make her go through all that pain all over again to fix the bandages and patches on her body. Once she was up on her feet, it was time to go. I walked to the entrance and peeked out of the hideout cautiously, sensing any possible foreign energies around as well. No one else was there so it was a perfect time to leave. I turned my head towards the dragoness, beckoning her with a single motion of my hand and a small smile on my lips. “The coast is clear. Let’s go.”


She grimaced at the shredded fabric of the mattress, noting the stuffing coming through, and murmured a quiet “sorry, hun.” as he helped her up. It was painful. but a little less pain than before, and he limped over to the opening of the cave, following him with careful steps. Her tail was swishing nervously, unable to flick in agitation since it had a splint on it. She waited with baited breath for Kuronue’s verdict on the safety of the outside, a little annoyed with how her tail would not stay still.

A sigh of relief was barely audible, but the slight relaxation that went through her body was very clear. She padded quietly behind him, thankful that her flames were low already as she tried keeping up to get to the next hideout. 

Every sense was strained as she kept a look out, and she kept jumping slightly at shadows and the smallest noise that seemed out of the ordinary, even if she had made it. It would be wonderful to get to the hideout Kuronue had mentioned.

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Our muses have gotten drunk together, send me “☢” for my muse to deeply kiss yours.
Aarien took another sip of his drink, before leaning in, his green eyes staring intently into Kara’s. “Has…  has anyone ever told you how pretty yer eyes are?” He asked, leaning close. “Along wiv everythin’ else, really. But I like blue eyes.”  He stared at her face a little longer before leaning in and giving her a big kiss on the lips.


Aarien smiled, tail swaying. “I dun’ mind as long as I has a famiry.” He answered, snuggling into Kara. “Ben alone fur so long. Ever since mum and dad went.” He mumbled, sighing. He perked up though when he heard the word “pretty”. “Yu think ma hair’s pretty?” He asked.

The drunk dragoness hummed contentedly and curled up close, having set down her empty glass. She patted his shoulder consolingly from her spot against his side. “Well we shall have to fix dat.” her tail curled, sending flickering blue light into different directions, and she hummed as she nodded, reaching out to stroke his hair gently “Like fire. Very pretty. Wish my hare was dat color”

Aarien hummed, pleased with her words as he went back to snuggling against her.  “Thanks!” He smiled brightly for a moment, much happier from the compliment. “Peeple alwayz try t’ bring me down, make me azhamed for ma pretty hair and face cuz I’m a guy.” He grumbled. “But I dun believe it.”

Kara purred, a deep rumbling sound, and then hiccuped and went back to returning the snuggles with happiness. Clawed fingers stroked the soft red hair for a while longer, before she curled up against his chest and relaxed, shaking her head. “Shame on dem. They just gellouss beecus you look prettier den dem. Manly man looks not always good. Kind of obnou… obnoch… annoyin sometimes too. especially wen dey flaund id.” She huffed and leaned up to kiss his chin, having settled to a lower spot. “You look gud.”


Demon Gang. Available as an 11” x 17” print; I hope to follow up with their “human” forms soon.


Guys quick please. 

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