Hi! I'm the person behind the blog. Call me Kara, like my muse. I am one of the most active Saint Beast fans (YYH) around, and a big fan of Suzaku and the Saint Beasts.

I mainly blog reptiles, Yu Yu Hakusho, my art, and things related to my OC, Kara. This is also a RP blog for my OC. Feel free to send me a message. I'm real easy to talk to. I am also a full time animation student.

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Imagine that your favorite character approaches you out of nowhere. You feel as if it is a dream. This character can’t be real! You feel a hand on your shoulder. This is no random vision. That hand is solid. You are solid. That means that, yes, your favorite character is standing before you, staring into your eyes. You hear that voice which you’ve fallen in love with ages ago, and ached to hear away from whatever media in which this character is from.

"I’ve found you. After all this time, I’ve finally found you."

"…does this mean you’ve been looking for me?” You ask, trembling with anticipation to hear that question answered with a simple ‘yes’.

"My beloved, of course I have been looking for you. There’s no other person I could want to fuck rigorously other than the one who has spent so much time fantasizing about me. You have longed for me, haven’t you? I am here to make your every dream come true.”

Just hearing that, you’ve lost yourself. You want to let them take you right here, right now, wherever you are - be it in public, in the privacy of your own home, in the woods, on the beach, you name it. 

"Don’t make me beg," you plead.

Your favorite character smiles devilishly. “Oh, but I think you’d like that.”

Update I am turning 25. Which is a goal I always looked forward to, but gosh I wish it was next year instead of graduation classes STRESS year\

Also nuwawan I have watched episode 19 with subs and wow Sieryuu is… interesting and different. I shall make a post tomorrow if I have time

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i was gonna say draw them all as fish but then i pictured them all with souless button eyes like mollies and most fish it's p hard to anthropomorphize a fish



………..oh god. kuwabara and yusuke would be sail fin mollies, and kuwabara would have the biggest sail fin ever (to represent his gigantic pompadour)



Handmade ombre crochet dress at Crux and Crow


All I wanted from Kuwabara carrying the tired Hiei was for Kuwabara to tuck him into his own bed like a child….and then Hiei’s bloodshot eyes just shoot open in anger and Kuwabara just kinda sweats nervously

So today, I finally got the instructions from my team mate, from the things we did on saturday. Late. Went anf fixed most of it. Still need to do the dragon’s tutu. 

Aaaaand my flash drive died a painful death and I lost everything, but as much fuss as my anxiety is hitting me about it, I dont think I lost anything too vital. Ive only been able to pinpoint two files that were lost with no back ups.

And so I sit here, with insomnia, and not really wanting to take more melatonin for sleep


4 more days until my birthday. I’d better figure out how old I am turning. @_@ and make sure mom remembered to order my ice cream cake

update: she hasnt, so I guess I shall give her a post-it note at her place at the table

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